Built for Business Leaders

The ABL Programme is for business owners, entrepreneurs and executives who have a significant influence on their business or organisation. It is best suited to those looking to fulfil their personal ambitions through business. It is particularly beneficial for those who feel stuck, overwhelmed, stressed, or lacking direction, as well as individuals who are searching for clarity, fulfillment, and happiness.

  • Designed for people who are actively running or leading a business and have unfettered access to financial information and decision making.

  • Structured to fit into the lifestyle of very busy people (less than 2h per lesson) who want tactics they can implement immediately.

  • Focuses on the core drivers of personal high-performance by aligning the entire scope of business leadership with personal ambition and passion.

"What we're about isn't just teaching people how to understand business models or write a business strategy, although we do that well. We are about unlocking the acumen and leadership potential in people so they can compete and win in any business context, 
and particularly in Africa."


Watch the showcase videos below for a feel of the style and approach to the delivery of the 240+ videos in the ABL Programme.

What our Alumni say

“"This programme helped me to think about and ask the real and important personal questions of myself and demonstrated that ordinary people like myself can achieve extraordinary results – if that’s what I want."”

33 years old | Owner | Service Industry | $850k annual turnover

“This course will force you to take a long hard honest look at yourself. It will be overwhelming at times. It will force you to see things in the business that will make you cringe. You will ask yourself how has this business survived up to now? You will be given the most valuable toolkit available from some of the most experienced people in business. It's a treasure trove of information.”

48 years old | Director | Manufacturing | $8m annual turnover

“"An essential and in-depth exposure to the needs of a CEO in a modern business in Africa. The course highlighted the critical importance to the business and my own life of aligning the aims and aspirations of both."”

66 year old | Director | Agriculture | $12m annual turnover

““This created a DNA for how we look at our business - financials, reporting, structure etc., by implementing templates and the use of a vernacular that we can all relate to. This all impacted on our culture and our YOY growth has been over 30% for three consecutive years since.””

35 year old | Managing Director | Manufacturing | $10m annual turnover