A Complete Picture of Business Leadership

7 Cornerstone Curriculum

The ABL Curriculum covers 7 sequential key facets of business leadership. It is designed to be a simple, practical and actionable framework for business leaders who have the capability to effect change in their businesses, and who are looking for tactics to compete and win, sustainably.

Online Coaching Series

240+ Online Videos (21 hours)

The ABL Curriculum is delivered through a series of over 240 videos. Each delivers a concept or topic that forms part of one of the 7 Cornerstones.

Curated Focus Groups

Regular Live Zoom Sessions

As part of the ABL programme, candidates are invited to regular Focus Group meetings where coaches and peers engage on various topics and challenges. These are an opportunity for business leaders to share stories, network and learn from one another in an open and collaborative environment.

1:1 Coaching

Ad-hoc Live Zoom Sessions

As a part of the programme, candidates are provided with the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a coach to discuss various challenges and topics, and to engage on the ways in which the learnings can be applied. These one-on-one meetings are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and are bookable during times elected by the coaches.


1 per Cornerstone

Each ABL Cornerstone is paired with a custom-designed Workbook. These Workbooks are designed to be a personal record of how candidates are applying the learnings in their lives and businesses. They provide a physical manifestation of the completion and implementation of ABL learnings. Digital and print copies of these are provided to all candidates.


Watch the showcase videos below for a feel of the style and approach to the delivery of the 240+ videos in the ABL Programme.

The ABL Curriculum

The ABL programme is designed for people who are actively leading businesses and need practical, actionable toolkits to implement in real-time. The curriculum is structured in such a way that it equips leaders with a sequential method for developing their business acumen. Each of the 7 Cornerstones covers key aspects of business leadership using practical, actionable toolkits and strategies that can be put into action immediately.

  • Ambition

    4 Lessons | 41 Video Topics | 3h20

    The Primary Drivers of Success • Multiplication of Energy • People Types • The Enneagram • Non-Negotiable Attributes of a Leader • Working on the Business Vs Working in the Business • Developing Talent • Management by Psychology, Walkabout & Statistics • Circle of Influence

  • Models

    5 Lessons | 65 Video Topics | 5h40m

    Profit & Loss • Unit of Measure • Volume • Average Selling Price • Cost of Sales • Gross Profit • Naked Margin • Variable Costs • Contribution • Fixed Costs • Trading Profit • Break Even Model • Dollar Model • Unit Model • ABC Costing Model • Balance Sheet • Capital Employed / Deployed • Fixed Assets • Investments • Working Capital • Current Assets • Stock • Current Liabilities • Non Cash Items • Cashflow

  • Strategy

    2 Lessons | 28 Video Topics | 2h30m

    Good vs Bad Strategies • What to do • How to do it • Steps to Greatness • Vision and Mission • Core Values • SWOT Analysis • Strategic Thrusts • Key Enablers • Essential Components • Competitive Edge • Business Analysis • Health Metrics • Conscious Growth • Drivers Of Growth • 5 Year Plan • Business Considerations • Corporate Structure • The Value Chain

  • Structure

    3 Lessons | 39 Video Topics | 3h30m

    Accountability • KRA's • KPI's • Channel Responsibility • RACI • Limits of Authority • Work Streams • Performance Agreements • Non negotiable Reporting • The Principle of Budgeting • Gap Analysis • Gap Closure • The Need for Change • Systems, Policies, Procedures • Project Management • Meeting Calendar • Meeting Minutes • Workplace

  • People

    2 Lessons | 17 Video Topics | 1h20m

    Culture • Core values • People values • Charity • Recruitment • Interviewing • Employment Tools • Succession Planning • Remuneration • Reward • Objective Measurement • Creating winners in the workplace

  • Tools

    4 Lessons | 45 Video Topics | 4h20m

    Brand, Marketing & Sales • The Brand Promise • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) • The Brand Key • Brand Positioning and Brand Triangle • Brand Character & Brand Manual • Product Categories • Communication • Activity Grid • Sales Channels • The Boston Matrix • Funding • Sources of Funds • Funding Application • Costs of Funding • True Costs of Borrowing • Interest Impact • Thin Cap Rule • Investing • 15 Funding Crimes • Capex • Capex Motivation • Post Investment Review • Fixed Assets Management • Own vs. Lease • Yield Compression • Value Chain Engineering • Law • Intellectual Property • Tax • Decision Making • Proactive Vs Reactive Behaviour • Cause And Effect • Crisis Management • Economic Events

  • Growth

    2 Lessons | 9 Video Topics | 1h10m

    Personal Trauma and Personal Growth • Philosophies of Growth • Sources of Growth • Impact and Timing of Growth • Risk Analysis • Business Valuations • 12 Principles of Investing • Uplifting Business Value

What our Alumni say

““I learned what to focus on... learned to set measurements where things are going off track. Set a culture of accountability and lead from the front. Volumes have increased. Profit margins have increased. More accountability through measurements. Alignment of the exec team.””

48 year old | CEO | Milling | $17m annual turnover

““Tremendous amount of information that does not necessarily get taught in schools or universities. This course material can be implemented across a huge variety of businesses, and gives people the ability to find key areas of focus for immediate performance, whilst planning for future growth.””

35 years old | Director | Trading | $3m annual turnover

““This is Africa’s MBA, custom-built and real.””

35 year old | Group CEO | Mining | $11m annual turnover


  • Do you have in-person events?

    Yes, we organise quarterly in-person networking events for ABL candidates and alumni in each major city we operate in.

  • Can I do the course in my own time?

    The course is designed so that you can do the learning whenever it suits you. We do encourage you to keep up-to-date in order to engage in Focus Groups properly, but it is possible for you to go at your own pace, fast or slow.

  • How much time does this take? Can I fit it into my schedule?

    Each lesson is approximately 1h30m of video content and Focus Group sessions are 1h. This is why we say the minimum time commitment is 1-2 hours per week. We do however suggest putting some time each week into the implementation of the frameworks into your business.

  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes, we have several payment plans available. Please get in touch to discuss our payment options.